Every computer conversation is an exchange of words, between a user and a machine. From the machine point of view, anything the user says, or does is an INPUT.
Whereas every response said or displayed by the machine, or any computation that the machine executes is an OUTPUT.
Starting with a wake work, computer conversations are a succession of input and output sequences.

In this project, I have learned how to build a high fidelity interactive prototype of a voice user interface using Voiceflow.
4 sets of fundamental VUI design elements were used in this prototype; statement & prompts, local & globag tntent, segue interjactions fallbacks, and state & conditional branching.
In this made up scenario, Toronto 311 services assist a city resident in non-emergency city service regardless of time.​​​​​​​
Mert Tanatmis
Jihye Han

Thumbnail photo by D'Vaughn Bell from Pexels
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